the TUNA DIP no-one saw coming.

This dip ALWAYS gets the attention of those who try it. I take it to every oils workshop I run. I don’t know if its the German rooted deeply in me, or simply a long-held obsession with tuna as the GREATEST go-to for simple meals or a snack on the go, but over the last year this dip has become a staple in my home whether for serving up to visitors or for an easy, protein-full lunch topping.

The secret ingredient - oregano oil. This little guy is a beautifully restoring oil, powerful cleansing and purifying agent, fantastic for supporting a healthy immune system, healthy digestion, and healthy respiratory function when used internally. It also offers powerful antioxidants when ingested, but as a HOT oil, ought to only be taken in a veggie capsule or as a single drop in cooking.

I dilute and roll on the soles of my feet when I feel myself getting sick, and to date this early intervention has prevented 95% of viruses I’ve had lurking!

By far my favourite use for this oil, is in this homemade tuna and sour cream dip, a CROWD FAVOURITE. For all those of you who’ve been waiting - HERE IT IS - a dark horse in the entertainers repertoire, worth trying today.



1 x 95g snack tin tuna (in springwater or olive oil)

180g sour cream

1 red onion

pinch Himilayan pink salt

oregano essential oil (I use doTERRA’s certified pure therapeutic grade oils)

lemon essential oil


  • finely chop the red onion and place into a bowl appropriate for serving dip (small cereal bowl size)

  • add container of sour cream to the bowl, followed by tin of tuna and stir to combine

  • top with pink salt

  • add 3 drops of lemon essential oil, 1 drop oregano

  • stir to combine, and enjoy!

Simple as that! Great served with plain crackers/wafers, or with veggie sticks!

Enjoy, lovers.