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whole butternut (or kent) pumpkin

2 whole carrots

1 cup homemade bone broth

425g tinned Cannolini beans

4 drops cilantro essential oil

3 drops lemon essential oil

3 drops cumin essential oil

This is such an easy way to pimp up any pumpkin soup and give it a bit of a kick, as well as adding all the nutritional benefit of herbs and spices (perfect for protecting your immune over the colder months!).

The process is as simple as chopping the pumpkin into wedges and baking in the over (skin on) along with the carrots. Bake until soft, where the flesh of the pumpkin will scoop readily from the skin.

Add the pumpkin and carrots to a large saucepan and mash gently with a fork.

Add the bone broth to the pot (see my super simple recipe here), stirring through, and allow to simmer for 5-10 minutes.

Add cannolini beans, use a stick blender to blend the soup until it is a thick, creamy consistency.

Add your essential oils - I use doTERRA, who ensure quality food grade oils free of chemicals or fillers. Pure essential oils should be added close to the end of the cooking process to ensure they keep their nutritional and therapeutic properties. Adding them at this stage will also give you the best flavour. You might choose other oils too depending on what you feel like! The three mentioned are great for a thai-spiced flavour, or oils like ginger and turmeric for something hearty and warm.

And voila! Top with a little olive oil, coriander, coconut yoghurt or even goats cheese for good measure, and for plenty of good fats to keep you feeling fuller for longer. Hemp seeds are also great!

Cooking with oils doesn’t have to be complicated - its a really easy way to add flavour and oomph to any meal!

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